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  • World Class Studios

    World Class Studios


Welcome to World Class Studios, the online training platform designed to help experienced bartenders develop and refine their skills regardless of location or resource. Every session is packed with fun, interactive quiz elements, videoed techniques, insider knowledge and lively demonstrations from world-leading drinks professionals.

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  • Johnnie Walker - First Draft

    Johnnie Walker - First Draft

    Discover the history of Scotch drinks, how to elevate your highball and closed loop practices with Johnnie Walker

  • Punch Modernism

    Punch Modernism

    Why should you batch your drinks and what is the best way to extract flavour? Plus inspiration and tips on how to reduce waste when creating cocktails.

  • Don Julio - Underground Agriculture

    Don Julio - Underground Agriculture

    Be immersed in the story of Don Julio Tequila, with inspiring new drinks and stories focusing on agave and other root crops.

  • World Class Menus

    World Class Menus

    Hear from industry experts about what makes a world class menu, including tips and tricks to build your bar menu and the future of menus.

  • Ketel One - Sweet Spot

    Ketel One - Sweet Spot

    Showcasing best-in-class bartender led initiatives in sustainability, resourcefulness and community including alternatives to sweeteners such as honey.

  • Tanqueray No Ten - Heart of Gold

    Tanqueray No Ten - Heart of Gold

    Celebrate the citrus heart of Tanqueray No.TEN and how to elevate your cocktails with industry led insights into the role of citrus fruits and flavours.

  • Johnnie Walker - Highballin'

    Johnnie Walker - Highballin'

    As the Highball undergoes a resurge in popularity, uncover the history behind this iconic serve and how it has evolved for the modern drinker. 

  • Talisker - Back To The Future

    Talisker - Back To The Future

    Blend together the old worlds and new worlds of cocktail culture, folklore and international flavour fusion.

  • Singleton - The Rule Of Three

    Singleton - The Rule Of Three

    Explore the evolution of bartending, whisky creation and cordial development using the Rule of Three.

  • Bulleit - Rituals In Hospitality

    Bulleit - Rituals In Hospitality

    Dive into how World Class bartenders elevate connections, the art of hosting and the perfect boilermakers for your bar.

  • Zacapa - From Cask To Cocktail

    Zacapa - From Cask To Cocktail

    Immerse yourself in the science behind casks and saturation, and the role they play in flavour creation with Zacapa Rum