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From an inconic British brand with almost 250 years' distilling experience, the juniper-forward gin with a crisp, clean character has come to define the taste of the classic G&T.


Gordon’s is one of the world’s oldest gins, created in 1769 when Alexander Gordon founded his distillery. Alexander was one of the first gin makers to revolutionise the image of gin and place the emphasis on quality. This has led Gordon’s to receive four royal warrants by the Kings and Queens of Britain – it truly is a liquid fit for Royalty. Legend has it that the King of Scotland was saved from a boar by a member of the Gordon family, and that the symbol of the boar’s head was placed on the family’s coat of arms by way of thanks. The boar has been a seal of quality for Gordon’s and a symbol of its proud heritage. Today Gordon's doesnt talk much about what they have achieved but they focus more on what they want to be... a gin that's enjoyed!

Interesting Facts:

  • Gordon’s is the world’s favourite gin, awarded with four royal warrants and two double golds at the San Francisco Spirits Competiton in 2017. It is sold in over 180 countries and is no 1 in 68 countries. A bottle of Gordon’s is sold every 6 seconds.
  • Over 3,000 juniper berries are nosed and 95% rejected to ensure that only the very best goes into Gordon's gin, creating a liquid of unsurpassable quality.
  • Created in 1769, it was one of the very first gins to be drunk with tonic. The quinine in the tonic was thought to have the medicinal effect of preventing British colonial soldiers from catching malaria, and Gordon’s made the cocktail a whole lot more palatable! Amongst its many famous admirers, Gordon’s was the preferred gin of James Bond, featuring in the famous “Vesper Martini” he creates in Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel, Casino Royale.


Gordon’s is a brand built on our classic gin character. The Original London Dry Gin is our passion. We also have one of the oldest & enduring flavour extensions in Diageo in our Sloe Gin – launched in 1906. The new addition to the family is Gordons Premium Pink. Finally for a Gordons drink when you are on the go, we have a very successful premix range with Original, Slimline and Spot of Elderflower in a can.

  • Gordon's Elderflower

    Gordon's Elderflower

  • Gordon's Sloe

    Gordon's Sloe

  • Gordon's G&T Premix

    Gordon's G&T Premix


Gordon's has won a host of awards with the most recent including:

  • London Dry was awarded a Gold Medal at the World Spirit's Awards (2016)
  • London Dry was also awarded a Silver Medal at the International Wine and Spirit's Compeition (2016)
  • Two Double Gold Medal's at the San Francisco Spirit Awards (2017)

Flavour profile:

Gordon’s is famous for its high juniper content, creating a simple yet sophisticated taste which has real cut-through and makes for the definitive Gin & Tonic.

Key serve:


  • 50mls Gordon’s London Dry Gin
  • 150ml premium tonic water
  • Wedge of lime to garnish


Fill a highball glass to the top with fresh ice cubes.

Pour 50ml of Gordon’s gin over the ice, and top with tonic.

Squeeze in a wedge of lime before dropping it in, and then give your G&T a final stir.

Alcohol content: 1.88 units or 14.81 grams

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